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My purpose

Health conscious consumers recognize the need for more guidance with their wellness choices, and more and more people are turning to health coaches for customized fitness plans, nutrition know-how based on the science behind healthy food, and an overall health program for their individual needs and circumstances. People are looking for a guide to devote time to their health needs and to nurture a client-coach relationship that cultivates lasting change and helps to prevent and treat chronic conditions.

The average patient-doctor interaction lasts seven minutes; just enough time to say a quick hello, get a run-down of symptoms, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a quick-fix drug to mask the condition. Meanwhile, 70% of all health care costs can be attributed to preventable diseases. That is where I come in.

My approach

So many nutrition programs involve struggle and sacrifice…dieting and relentless exercise that make people miserable and don’t achieve lasting success. My approach is entirely different.

Based on always up-to-date scientific findings, the Primal way emphasizes tasty food, occasional indulgences, moderate and accessible physical activity, and above all else…FUN. So that you enjoy getting their health back on track!

When people are looking to make major health changes—from losing weight to addressing chronic conditions, transforming their fitness  to recharging their vitality—it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is where a health coach can make all the difference. Leveraging the expert guidance and personal support of a coach can be the most powerful investment one can make in his or her health.  Give me a call or shoot me an email so we can see if we’re a good fit.  


My values

Commit to greatness in order to uplift others

Live a life on purpose so that our unique gifts are fully realized and of service

Enjoy every step of the journey, recognizing that the present and future carry limitless possibility

Choose substance over flash to engage more deeply with others and the world

Achieve excellence free of expectation, and remain unattached to results

Embrace setbacks as tools for transformation, and practice gratitude through it all

Pursue growth and learning at every turn

Inspire others to become their best selves

Always express integrity, authenticity and humility


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